The Spink

Currently recovering after an  assault on The Spink in Glendalough. This is  a good four hour hike although the acclimatised mountain goat might manage it in three and a bit. It’s a circular walk and we opted for the clockwise approach – that is, we took the southern path along the lower lake and then climbed up by the waterfall. We hit the steps up the Spink early in the walk and they’re tough. There’s another tough cliimb to the summit further on and then it’s downhill all the way to the old mining village before levelling out on the walk home. This walk offers excellent variety of scenery. There’s lakeland and forest, deciduous woodland, cliffs and blasted heath. There is much history of God and mammon, starting at the Monastic city and then reaching the mining viillage at halfway. The terrain is good with the provision of sleepers for the first half, saving the walker from the miseries of bogland. The descent by the river leading into the upper lake is spectacular but this is where II came a cropper, breaking a rib in my enthusiasm to gambol downhill. Beware! Needless to say there were refreshments afterwards, drinkiing in the scenery – and more besides – in the lush greenery of the lower valley. Well worth it!

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