I write fiction, mostly short stories although I have completed a couple of novel length mss. I write some short travel pieces, home and abroad. Home is in Bray, County Wicklow.


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  1. Hi. Your article on Bray History came up in a search I have just done for Novara House / Bay View ! I am researching Henry Kingsmill a well known builder who died in 1868 and lived there. I am especially trying to find the origin for use of the “Sidmonton” name for Bray houses and roads as I believe Henry would have had something to do with it as the Kingsmill family had the English Sydmonton Court in Hampshire from the time of King Henry VIII. Looking at the Griffiths Land Valuation Map I can see that Henry Kingsmill would have had a clear view of the Bay back then.

    • Hi Chris, I was talking to Robert Butler at Bray Library, he informs me that Kingsmill was a local politician of note in the late nineteenth century. Robert has worked extensively in local history in the Bray area. Haven’t come up with a definitive answer regarding Sidmonton, as yet…

      • Hi Shane. Thanks for reply and info about Henry also being a politician. Sorry I posted my message on the wrong page instead of against the blog. My research this week has found Henry Kingsmill living at Navara Villa in 1852 and then at Sidmonton House from 1854 to his death in 1868. I seems to have built some houses in Sidmonton Place and rented them out in the mid 1860s. His son Henry (a barrister) carried on at Sidmonton House until 1870 and then had “The Lawn”, Sidmonton until at least 1910 mostly whilst working oversees.

        I am sure Henry would have come up with the name Sidmonton, possibly in jest against the “imposter” Kingsmills at Sydmonton Court in Hampshire who stole the true Kingsmill inheritance – but that’s another story.

  2. Hi there, I am in the process of doing a number of Architectural Conservation Area submissions for Bray Town with Bray Tidy towns and found what you said very helpful re Novara House. Cheers Mary

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